Elizabeth Banks Turns Podcaster for Fearless Girl Backer State Street


Elizabeth Banks Crazy Enough to Work podcast by State Street

State Street Global Advisors is teaming up with another Boston-born feminist icon. The asset management firm behind Wall Street’s iconic Fearless Girl statue has partnered with actress and director Elizabeth Banks to host a new podcast series to raise awareness of the strong performance of several mid-cap U.S. companies that make up the SPDR S&P MIDCAP 400 ETF (MDY).

The sponsored podcast’s pitch: “Mid-cap companies form the backbone of the country. From the coffee in our cups to the gas in our cars, we rely on them every day. But what we don’t see are some of the bold, unconventional moves they make to stay ahead. So, join us as we find out what these exciting companies do as the world keeps throwing curveballs at them.”

The podcast, entitled Crazy Enough to Work and directed by David Gordon Green, explores how several companies with a market cap range of $1 billion to $8 billion got started, overcame the odds and remain relevant as the world changed around them. During frank discussions and fun experiences, Banks investigates and uncovers unexpected moments about how these companies have influenced and inspired their customers and employees.

“Our goal is to always bring our best thinking and insights to our clients,” said Stephen Tisdalle, chief marketing officer at State Street Global Advisors. “Despite delivering higher annualized returns over the last two decades, mid-cap stocks receive scant attention when compared to their large and small cap peers. Crazy Enough to Work takes a fun, innovative and engaging approach to help investors get a closer look at several companies that make up the mid-cap equity sector.

“It was a great experience teaming up with State Street Global Advisors to create Crazy Enough to Work,” said Banks. “The trials and successes of these often overlooked mid-sized companies were eye-opening. As a fellow entrepreneur, I found it exciting to go behind the scenes and help these organizations tell their stories to the world.”

All of the companies featured on the podcast are found in MDY, the SPDR S&P MIDCAP 400 ETF – one of many first-to-market SPDR ETFs from State Street Global Advisors.


The first episode synopsis: “Twenty years ago, EPR Properties was a $250 million real estate company, focused on movie theaters. Then the internet came along, heralding a new era of home entertainment. Some businesses thought we’d never need to leave the house again. But EPR decided to go in completely the opposite direction. Today, they have built a $6 billion empire of cool places to go and wild things to do so we could get off our couches and have an experience—even if it scares the pants off us. It’s crazy enough to work.”

In the episode Banks interviews Greg Silvers, CEO of EPR Properties, which owns movie theatres, ski resorts, family entertainment centers and a host of other experience-oriented properties. At several of their properties including, the Santa Monica Pier and iFly, an indoor skydiving facility, they discuss what it takes to succeed in a unique area of the real estate market.

The first episode is available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Bloomberg.com. The series will continue with episodes featuring The New York Times (episode two), Samuel Adams and the Boston Beer Company (episode three) and Dunkin’ Donuts (episode four). It will be available on podcast platforms every other Wednesday for the next two months.

Launched on May 4, 1995, the SPDR S&P MIDCAP 400 ETF was the first ETF to provide investors with access to mid-cap stocks, one of the largest segments of the US equity market. Over the past decade, MDY has outperformed 88% of its Morningstar mid-cap blend peer group with a post-tax 10-year annualized return of 9.94 percent1. This performance places MDY in the top quintile of all active and index mid-cap funds.


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