Ferrari Sets the Pace as Ultra-Luxury Performance Brand


Ferarri Portofino

Ferrari reached its 70th anniversary last year with unapologetic dedication to its brand promise: to appeal to a niche of ultra-luxury, performance car buyers with every bit of horsepower that the famous Italian marque can muster.

It’s actually a bold proposition in an era in which environmentalists and others tend to scoff at expensive machines whose main function is to blow the doors off slower and less-capable hunks of metal. But that’s Ferrari, then, now and, presumably, forever.

Take the brand’s continuing dedication to full-throated, petrol-powered racing at a time when other formidable racing brands, such as Audi, are pulling back. Since 1950, Ferrari’s Formula 1 racers have won 224 Grand Prix titles and dozens of others in a world in which speed and agility—the characteristics that Ferrari owners also want in their vehicles—dominate.

Founded in 1947 by Enzo Ferrari, the Italian masterpiece marque has become known as one of the world’s leading luxury brands, focusing on advanced engineering, sleek design and performance innovation. As customers and fans have embraced what Ferrari stands for, the brand also sells apparel and lifestyle accessories in dozens of exclusive retail stores worldwide.

The late Sergio Marchionne, who was Ferrari’s chief as well as CEO of Fiat Chrysler, oversaw the opening of Ferrari-themed amusement parks to support such heightened brand ambitions.

The first Ferrari, 125 S, was built for racing, and so has every Ferrari built since then, with the cars proving themselves on every raceway in the world and brand stewards able to convert that racing achievement on Sunday into sales on Monday to some of the globe’s most discriminating clients.

Fiat Chrysler Automotive spun off Ferrari in 2016, but the brand’s sales have continued apace, helped by marketing initiatives such as the 2017 Red Bull video that showed a Ferrari F40 making its way up a snowy mountainside at Ryuoo Ski Park in Japan.


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