SAP Innovates Cloud Technology for Single View of Customer


An established market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is disrupting customer relationship management with SAP C/4HANA, a new suite of applications for customer service and retention.

Announced by CEO Bill McDermott, SAP C/4HANA is an integrated offering that iterates legacy CRM solutions.

“SAP was the last to accept the status quo of CRM and is now the first to change it,” McDermott said. “The legacy CRM systems are all about sales; SAP C/4HANA is all about the consumer. We recognize that every part of a business needs to be focused on a single view of the consumer. When you connect all SAP applications together in an intelligent cloud suite, the demand chain directly fuels the behaviors of the supply chain.”

The Germany-based European multinational software corporation also announced the SAP HANA Data Management Suite, an industry-first data management system for “companies to turn data sprawl into business value.”

The integration of SAP C/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA features new machine learning capabilities from SAP Leonardo, supporting the intelligent enterprise and a balanced solution for workplace automation. These cloud solutions, now consolidated, support consistency across the brand experience.

In a challenging and disrupted industry environment, the SAP HANA Data Management Suite is an open, secure, hybrid, multi-cloud solution as foundational for nimble apps, data-driven, accessing live data.

“With one query, SAP HANA Data Management Suite can deliver results from a single logical data set that covers the whole enterprise — turning the concept of universal data into a reality,” reports the company.

Responding to a shift in consumer expectations in a digitally rich and individualized landscape, Alex Atzberger, president of SAP Customer Experience said, “disappointing customer experiences have led people to revolt. They are exerting their independence and taking charge of relationships with their favorite brands. They don’t think in terms of B2B or B2C. This is the ‘Me2B’ world. The implications are clear: the customer dictates the terms and determines how they interact. If they aren’t happy, they don’t stay.”

That customer revolution requires treating people like people, protecting their data and delivering on a promise of a consistently satisfactory experience.

Today, 1.3 billion identities are managed in SAP Customer Data Cloud with SAP applications and services enabling more than 388,000 business and public-sector customers.

“A great customer experience is seeing how the delivery is progressing and proactively suggesting ways to accelerate it,” said Giles House, EVP and chief product officer for SAP Sales Cloud. “A great customer experience is being treated like a person, not an opportunity. This is the new battleground. Price, product, and presence are no longer enough to win. Buyers have changed. So should your CRM.”