NBA Fans Share Their ‘Hopes’ in Global Preseason Campaign



If you think NBA players are only taking the court each night to rake in the big bucks and soak in the adulation from fans, think again. The season gets underway in less than a month and the league is getting ready with a marketing push entitled “This Is Why We Play.” For those keeping score at home, this is the fourth year the league has run with this.

The first element to drop in the campaign is a video called “Hopes,” which features fans sharing their desires for the upcoming season. Of course, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill fans singing the roundball praises. The NBA collected such folks as Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Travis Scott, former NBA player and on-air broadcaster Kenny Smith, and social media influencer Famous Los, who is known by some as the “da funny sports analyst.”

Famous Los aims to take his brand of sports comedy to even greater heights

Other videos in the #ThisIsWhyWePlay series from previous years include joy, Anthem and Anticipation.


The NBA is, of course, going global on this one. After all, the number of international players in the league keeps growing. Last year, the season started with athletes from 42 countries on the rosters. That made for prime marketing possibilities even if some of those players are riding the bench.

Spots will run in Canada and China since there will be preseason games played there. The Canada spot will run in both English and French.


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