How Sweet It Is: Truvia Celebrates Category Leadership With Content Hub



If sweetness is halfway to civility, then Truvia might really be on to something here.

The stevia-based sweetener brand from Cargill has launched a new multichannel marketing campaign based on explaining, sharing and encouraging sweetness at a time when consumers surely could use more of that in their drinks and everything else.

Augmenting Instagram-worthy “sweet” sayings on its packages (such as “Today’s a good day for a good day”) with a platform for bringing sweetness to online content, Truvia is celebrating the fact that it is the No. 1 brand in a category of natural tabletop and ingredient sweeteners that it helped created a decade ago. The category continues to expand in the face of consumers’ growing rejection of sugary sweet soft drinks and artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame.

In fact, Cargill recently announced that sales of the stevia sweeteners category in the US grew by nearly 12% over the past year, while sucralose sweetener sales were down by 6%, aspartame sweetener sales were down by 8% and saccharin sweetener sales were down by 6%. Truvia said it has a 33% share of zero- and reduced-calorie sweeteners.

Stevia is derived from the leaves of a bush that is native to South America, and has become a leader among new natural sweetener ingredients that also include monkfruit extract and agave.

“Consumers are looking for foods and sweeteners that reduce sugar in their lives, taste great and are sourced from natural ingredients,” said Brian Nau, global Truvia brand leader, in a press release. Truvia “fits perfectly with how consumers are changing their eating habits.”

To encourage more acts of natural sweetness, Truvia teamed up with Vanessa Hill, the host of PBS psychology series BrainCraft, to explore the different types of “sweet” personality traits. Coming up with four archetypes of sweetness, Truvia recruited to produce content including an online hub for an “exploration of sweet personality traits” and a personality quiz where visitors can identify their personal sweetness type.


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