Harry’s Launches Flamingo Shaving Brand for Women



Since its launch in 2013, Harry’s—the men’s shaving start-up that disrupted the industry—has been contemplating a brand for women. And now it’s finally here: Flamingo.

Flamingo GM Allie Melnick said it’s been “one of our most requested items since we launched.”

Internal research uncovered key differences for the female-centric product: women mostly shave in the shower and need a razor handle that is secure to grip when wet. And because women tend to shave multiple body parts, Flamingo’s blade cartridges are equipped with extra lubrication and the handle is flexible. However, the quality of the blades and the manufacturing process are the same as for men’s products.

Melnick emphasized the impetus to change and normalize the conversation around shaving for women. “What we didn’t want to do is just slap something like pink coloring and call it a day,” she said. “I don’t feel like a goddess in a waterfall when I’m removing hair. It’s a real activity and it’s in part of my everyday routine.”

Flamingo is unique in the direct-to-consumer women’s shave space as it’s not a subscription service. The brand also sells hair-­removing wax strips, gels and lotions—all for women.

Jeff Raider, co-founder of Warby Parker and co-founder/co-CEO of Harry’s, plans to build a portfolio of brands, leveraging Harry’s playbook. “If we can build a bunch of new brands, then we can create a next-generation CPG company,” he said. “That company can touch millions more households.”

Flamingo is the first brand to launch from Harry’s Labs, a new innovation group that recently raised $112 million and is helmed by Melnick and Brittania Boey. Both have worked at Harry’s since the company launched in 2013.


“In creating Flamingo, we spent years speaking to hundreds of women to truly understand their needs and preferences in hair removal and designed every aspect of our product suite with those needs in mind,” Boey said.

Flamingo notes that it “embraces women’s natural bodies (bumps, dry skin, body hair, and all), dispelling the myth of ‘feminine perfection,’ creating a judgment-free space made for education and candid conversation, where nothing’s taboo.”

“We’ve never spoken at a conference and not had someone raise their hand and say, ‘When is Harry’s for women coming? What about us?’ ” continued Raider, who added that more than a million women have already purchased Harry’s blades.


Aware of the prevalent “pink tax” often imposed on female products, Flamingo’s prices are the same or in some cases even less than Harry’s products for men. Both brands’ razors start at $9, while Flamingo shave gel is $5, compared with $8 for Harry’s shave cream.

Harry’s Labs is exploring other categories ranging from cosmetics to cleaning supplies to pet care, said Raider, “There are a bunch of [consumer product] categories that feel a lot like shaving did before we launched Harry’s that are highly consolidated, where one or two brands dominate. They’re not bad brands—they’re just not modern ones. My ambition is to build businesses as big or bigger than Harry’s.”


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