Brandemonium 2018: 5 Questions With Visual Strategist Heather Willems


Heather Willems

Heather Willems is a visual strategist with a background as an artist. For the past 15 years, she has helped leadership teams at several Fortune 100 companies to solve their biggest problems using visuals. She combines her love of fine art and business strategy to creativity assist top executives operate more effectively through the visualization of big ideas.

Working with a myriad of companies, such as LEGO, Google, NASA, Disney and FedEx, Willems uses a slightly different notion of storytelling through a process that dives deep into the company’s purpose to understand the core of business as a first step. She believes that organizations must understand their core to be able to communicate their key message to customers. This is where her work comes in through strategy sessions where she synthesizes information and brings it to life in a visual manner.

While attending and speaking at Brandemonium last month, Willems sat down with Alfred DuPuy, Executive Director at Interbrand, at brandchannel studio to discuss visual strategy and branding. In addition to talking about her perspective and approach, she shares some key advice that came out of a panel entitled “How to Keep Your Brand Relevant in a 3 Second World” which she joined earlier that day.

Watch the full interview below.