Brandemonium 2018: 5 Questions With 84.51° Director Michael Schuh


84.51 BrandemoniumMany people are familiar with The Kroger Co., as it is the largest supermarket retailer in the US. What many may not be aware of is that Kroger has also been the leader in precision marketing for some time.

Through the company’s data analytics and activation wing 84.51°, Kroger uses first-party data in various ways to help brands understand their customers better, from both an insights point-of-view, as well as through their own precision marketing assets, which they activate across various in-store and online channels.

Through a long history in loyalty marketing, Kroger is able to introduce efficiencies and enhancements to deliver value. And 84.51° enables a true understanding of the customer, which, in turn, helps brands operate more effectively.

Following his presentation on Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) at the Brandemonium Conference last month, Michael Schuh, Director of Customer Communications, Product Strategy & Innovation at 84.51°, joined Alfred DuPuy, Executive Director at interbrand, in the brandchannel studio to discuss precision marketing and talk a how Kroger is leading the pack.

He shares that Kroger understands 97% of in-store and online transactions. It is through this understanding that they are able to engage the customer, as well the retailer. Schuh discusses the notion of individualization versus personalization, data as a hot topic, and transparency, among other topics. He also shares his predictions for future trends impacting the relationship between retailers, brands and consumers.

Watch the full interview below.