Brandemonium 2018: 5 Questions With Beanstalk Chairman Michael Stone



In the past, consumers received all their information from advertising. Today, with access to so much information, do brands really matter?

Michael Stone, Chairman/Co-Founder of Beanstalk and author of “The Power of Licensing: Harnessing Brand Equity” thinks so. However, people can be fickle, and licensing is an additional impactful way to bond with consumers.

Beanstalk is a trademark licensing agency that represents famous brands, helping those brands extend into other product categories to meet their marketing goals and objectives. But what is licensing exactly? How has it evolved over time?

Licensing used to be an afterthought for brands. It has since become a highly effective corporate branding tool used by many of the largest companies and their brands. Today, licensing is a means of delivering a brand message and interacting with consumers in an authentic and reliable way that invites consumers to participate with a brand.

Stone spoke at Brandemonium, a branding conference that took place last month in Cincinnati, OH. He took the stage to share how strategic licensing can drive value and growth for brands.

Following his talk, he joined Christine Sech, Executive Strategy Director at Interbrand, at brandchannel studio to dive into the topic as well, sharing how licensing is an analog solution that is very relevant in today’s digital world. Stone discusses the evolution of licensing and where he sees it heading. He also shares some key considerations and insights for brands that are considering licensing.

Watch the full interview here.



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