‘My Baby Dove’ Lets Parents Personalize Products


Unilever Baby Dove

Unilever Canada is offering a direct-to-consumer campaign for the holidays, inviting parents to name their baby’s Dove products.

The “My Baby Dove” campaign lets customers personalize Baby Dove wash and lotion packaging via a branded microsite and have the products delivered to their home.

The inspiration came from the fact that parents start the search for a baby name early on in a pregnancy—outnumbering other queries for cribs, strollers and diapers.

“Between this insight and the trend of personalization in CPG products we knew this offering would be a natural fit for Baby Dove,” said Andrew Dawson, associate brand manager at Baby Dove.

Dawson added, “Our direct-to-consumer efforts are focused around timely gifting moments like baby showers, birthdays and holidays. Customization is a wonderful way to make new parents, their babies and gift-givers feel special about a unique product.”

Dove worked with Nexus Commerce, a Toronto-based e-commerce agency, on the campaign throughout the production from business model, execution and order fulfillment, product warehousing, label creation, gift box design and assembly, packaging and shipping, as well as overseeing day-to-day management of the channel, including customer service and data analytics.

“My Baby Dove” is part of a global roll-out that also includes the US and the UK, and those products are also available through online marketplaces such as Amazon.ca.

Dove has created a micro-influencer campaign with several parents on Facebook and Instagram and partnered with ChickAdvisor, a women’s product reviews and advice website, and Family Rated, a family product reviews website, to reach customers through email.

The campaign is a two-way street: the direct-to-consumer approach gives Dove a personal connection with the brand, while enabling the collection of data to encourage repeat purchases and more tailored shopping experiences for customers. It’s also a model to quickly test product pilots.

Baby Dove already gave babies Dove Shampoo and Conditioner with a hypoallergenic formula that helps replenish the moisture and essential nutrients of the scalp lost during bathing.

Now the naming component helps deliver on the Baby Dove vision: “With Baby Dove, there’s no right or wrong way to be a parent—only your way. Discover our vision for making caring for baby all about the way you know best.”


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