Super Bowl LIII: Auto Brands Lead the Early Trickle of Big Game Advertisers


Super Bowl LIII 53 Logo Stadium

It’s still a trickle, but the flow of advertisers back into Super Bowl TV commercials has begun. So far, only about a half-dozen major advertisers have formally raised their hands for spots in the CBS telecast of the February 3 game from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, but they are some prominent ones in Big Game lore.

And, interestingly, after a Super Bowl earlier this year in which auto brands were noticeably less participatory than in previous years, a quintet of car brands is leading the parade of confirmed advertisers for Super Bowl LIII.

Here’s a look at those brands that have announced so far:

Avocados From MexicoThe avocado importer has re-upped for a fifth consecutive year of Super Bowl advertising, a run that has coincided with a huge boom in popularity of its products for guacamole. Considering the importance of Super Bowl Sunday to snacking across America, it seems to have been a good match.

ColgateBack for its first Big Game appearance since 2016, the CPG giant hasn’t hinted at its creative. In 2016, instead of advertising Colgate products and brands such as Colgate toothpaste, Palmolive dish-washing liquid and Speed Stick deodorant, Colgate had a message about saving water.

HyundaiThe Korean auto brand has become a staple of Super Bowl advertising and, in 2019, plans its 11th appearance in 12 years. Hyundai can be expected to crow in some form about its lineup of SUVs, which it has filled out lately to be on trend with Americans’ growing preference for utility vehicles over the sort of sedans in which Hyundai has specialized.

KiaThe sibling brand to Hyundai has generally plied humor during its nine straight years of Super Bowl advertising, with commercials variously starring Melissa McCarthy, Christopher Walken (remember “Walk-en closet”?), Steven Tyler and Pierce Brosnan. It will be back again in 2019–and maybe it’s time for a return of the Kia Soul animatronic hamsters.

Mercedes-BenzWhen the German luxury-car maker took off 2018, it was just continuing a pattern of every-other-year involvement in Super Bowl advertising. And even so, there was little doubt that, with the 2019 game being played in a stadium that bears its name (there is one other in New Orleans), Mercedes-Benz would return for Super Bowl LIII.

ToyotaWith the US auto market getting more competitive as sales level off, Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial on February 3 will carry a bit of added weight: Its spot will feature Toyota RAV4, the top-selling SUV that is one of the star players on the brand’s roster.

WeatherTechBy now, the made-in-America message of WeatherTech and founder David MacNeil have become a staple of Super Bowl advertising. And in the MAGA era, the maker of customized car floor mats and other accessories can be expected to return in Super Bowl LIII with another commercial that stays on message.