Brandemonium 2018: 5 Questions With NaviStone CRO Lori Paikin



Connecting with consumers is always a top challenge for many marketers and branders—whether they’re looking to acquire new relationships or to drive deeper engagement with existing customers. To address those needs, new means of reaching consumers in personalized ways are emerging.

For example, some incorporate brands are linking web browsing data with postal codes to connect consumers with the information they care about.

NaviStone, which develops technology to track online behavior, first identified observed a spike in web traffic every time a physical direct mail piece went out to consumers. Today, the company is rethinking direct mail marketing, unlocking opportunity for marketers by turning a traditional marketing strategy into an omnichannel tool. With an increasing desire to unplug—especially among millennials and younger cohorts—consumers are responding well this new direction.

At brandchannel studio at the Brandemonium Conference,  Lori Paikin, Chief Revenue Officer of NaviStone and long-time veteran of direct mail and digital industries, shared how the company takes online data to connect to audiences off-line in an impactful way.

Watch the full interview with Alfred DuPuy, Executive Director at Interbrand, below, to learn more about how direct mail is fueling brand growth through integrated omnichannel strategies and more.