Target Uses AR to Help Shoppers Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree


Target Augmented Reality AR

Augmented reality (AR) continues to provide new ways for retailers to hook consumers in stores and online.

Target, for instance, now features a Christmas tree AR feature in its mobile app that gives shoppers the opportunity to “See It In Your Space” with the touch of a button.

The AR experience uses the smartphone camera to place a number of artificial Christmas trees—and also some furniture items and rugs—in true-to-life sizes in the room being occupied by the shopper, much as furniture e-commerce sites have harnessed AR to help shoppers “place” couches and tables in their living rooms.

Target Furniture AR Augmented Reality

The Target app also includes six holiday-decorated rooms in a 360-degree virtual shopping feature that demonstrate Christmas products to scale and placed virtually in the shopper’s surroundings.

Meanwhile, for a new real-life use of AR in the store setting, you could have tuned into the fictional series Superstore last week. In a sweet example of high-tech product placement, FaceCake Marketing Technologies was able to feature its AR 3D “virtual dressing room” called Swivel.

Superstore Swivel AR

Swivel allows consumers to “try on” and see themselves in multiple apparel and accessory looks with speed and ease, in immersive backdrops and environments.

Superstore is set in a modern big-box department store called Cloud 9, and it’s become a hit—a workplace comedy along the lines of The Office but without the faux documentary approach. On last week’s episode, two protagonists, Josh (played by Ben Cohen) and Amy (America Ferrara) experience Swivel while attending a Cloud 9 managers’ conference.


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