Oh Yeah! Lil Jon & Kool-Aid Man Debut One-of-a Kind Christmas Song


Lil Jon X Kool-Aid Man

Call it “Yeah!” meets “Oh, Yeah!” In an unexpected holiday twist, rapper Lil Jon has teamed with Kool-Aid Man to drop a holiday hit titled, “All I really Want for Christmas.” Turns out, the answer is everything on their very long lists.

Kool-Aid Man collaborated with the Grammy award-winning rapper to put “a modern spin on the holiday track,” according to a press release.

“It’s not every day people hear a song from two icons like Kool-Aid Man and Lil Jon,” says Rachel Drof, Marketing Director, Beverages, Kraft Heinz. “We love finding unexpected moments to bring fun in to peoples’ lives, and hope this epic ‘kollaboration’ brings some joy and plenty of “OH YEAH” moments to people everywhere this holiday season.”

“I’ve recorded with a lotta artists in my time, but never did I think I would collab with Kool-Aid Man,” said Lil Jon. “We both bring the fun anywhere we go.”

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