What happens when you stop scrolling and start learning?


With C Space’s help, Skillsoft and SumTotal made the decision to completely reimagine their annual in-person conference, Perspectives 2020, into a global, digital experience. The team had nine weeks to plan and execute this new experience and was starting from scratch.

Now what?

Everyone was eager to get messaging into market. But this was fundamentally different than anything they had done before—and needed to target new audiences. Skillsoft asked C Space to help bring the Perspectives 2020 value proposition to life. Thanks to the months we had spent understanding their customers’ mindsets and needs, we were perfectly positioned to do so.

Throughout our foundational discovery work, we found that learners feel proud when they learn something new or gain a new skill, but often struggle to take the first step in furthering their education. We found time and time again that people needed to believe in themselves before they feel worthy or find motivation to learn.

It all comes down to mindset and Skillsoft is there to help by motivating people, coaching and mentoring them, and urging them to take that first step to grow and better themselves. Skillsoft is there to inspire people; giving them a nudge and a reminder that they can do it.

For Perspectives 2020, we flipped that notion on its head. The result is a campaign that speaks directly to buyers (learning, development and talent professionals) as well as learners. This campaign is all about: “What happens when?”

What happens when you put down the phone and pick up a new skill?

What happens when you stop looking at the markets and invest in yourself?

What happens when you get “real world” experience before you even graduate?

What happens when you’ve added a skill the other candidate hasn’t?

These questions are meant to trigger that first step, that “click,” and ultimately the learning that will happen at Perspectives 2020 – and ideally beyond.

Spanning across mediums and seamlessly crossing borders, this idea works hard to showcase that Perspectives 2020 truly is for everyone. It speaks to the collective, but also the individual.


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