Brought to you by Interbrand. Edited by Paola Norambuena.

Welcome to the Brand Glossary.

First published in 2006 by Interbrand, this new edition of the Brand Glossary is an easy-to-use reference tool that helps define and demystify terms used in branding and marketing—a practice that, by its very nature, loves to create terms to give form to new ways and ideas. This expanded edition now also features papers and other helpful resources, alongside the definitions.

And while we hope to define the language of brands, we know nothing can truly be definitive, because language is fluid, organic and shaped by the people that shape the industry. So we invite you to share and challenge these definitions—both in words, and in practice.

descriptive names

Uses the most evident words or terms needed to describe a product, service or brand. Descriptive names often use terms that are read more:

digital agent

A computer program that assumes a specific, targeted role, using natural language processing and possibly speech recognition to create a human-like interface. Agents read more:

digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy creates a roadmap inclusive of several elements, including: social media, email marketing, digital advertising, SEO, content marketing, ecommerce, read more:

domain name

A unique name that serves as an address on the internet for locating and/or accessing a brand’s website or web page. A read more: