brand glossary: gTLDs or generic top-level domains

A gTLD or Generic Top-level Domain Name is the suffix visible to internet users at the end of a domain name address–it’s the letters or words that follow the dot. For example, it’s the “com” in .com. While .com has been the most famous gTLD, the expansion program by the internet’s global governing body, ICANN, intends for thousands of other gTLDs to be established, including “dot brands” that are owned and operated by brand owners, such as “.nike” or “.pepsi” for example. Some concerns have arisen for companies and even celebrities on how to protect their brand, not only on how to own or utilize gTLDs that are closely associated to their brands, but to protect from detractors and anti-fans that can buy up gTLDs such as

Also known as: dotbrand, dot brands, domains

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