Brought to you by Interbrand. Edited by Paola Norambuena.

Welcome to the Brand Glossary.

First published in 2006 by Interbrand, this new edition of the Brand Glossary is an easy-to-use reference tool that helps define and demystify terms used in branding and marketing—a practice that, by its very nature, loves to create terms to give form to new ways and ideas. This expanded edition now also features papers and other helpful resources, alongside the definitions.

And while we hope to define the language of brands, we know nothing can truly be definitive, because language is fluid, organic and shaped by the people that shape the industry. So we invite you to share and challenge these definitions—both in words, and in practice.

brand value

The dollar premium resulting from customers’ commitment to a brand and their willingness to pay extra for it as compared to a generic read more:

brand values

A set of beliefs or attributes that represent the code by which an organization lives and operates–its strengths and how it positively impacts people, what it stands for, read more:

brand vision

The expression of an organization’s future aspirations and where all the initiatives and work it undertakes will eventually lead it. The brand read more:

brand voice

A distinct way of speaking and communicating to make certain a brand is clearly heard, quickly recognized and easily remembered in today’s read more:


A viral marketing technique. Buzz is when consumers interact with a product or service, resulting in amplifying the conversation around it, and often changes read more: